DIY Halloween makeup: 4 looks for girls

DIY Halloween makeup

DIY Halloween makeup is perfect for girls who don’t want to play horror movies on their face. Your image is a terrible beauty). The task is difficult, which is why it is insanely interesting!

So, I will show you the options for Halloween makeup that you can do with your own hands without a make-up artist right now:

DIY Halloween makeup

1. Makeup “Cobweb”

A very modest but elegant option for those who don’t want to stand out. This look will require skill and a nail art brush. With its help, we create the illusion of a cobweb.

Here I showed you step by step how to repeat this make-up “from” and “to”.

2. Image with paper flowers

DIY Halloween makeup

What is the ease with this Halloween makeup? In the fact that you draw the classic Smokey Ice (step-by-step diagram look here) and glue the gloomy paper flowers onto eyelash glue.

So they take charge of Halloween makeup. With this option, you don’t have to learn a new makeup technique or master the art of makeup.

3. Halloween fashion makeup

DIY Halloween makeup

My favorite makeup option, where you need to discolor your eyebrows, paint your lips with black lipstick and don’t forget about accessories.

Here you can step by step watch makeup with my additional recommendations and a list of used products.

4. One of the tricky Halloween looks is skeleton makeup.

DIY Halloween makeup

I cannot attribute this type of makeup to makeup, as it is done with ordinary cosmetics. This means that you can repeat it yourself at home.

That’s why let’s go here for a step-by-step scheme and rehearse the image in advance.

Conclusion: Halloween makeup can be both simple and complex at the same time. What it will be with you – decide for yourself. My goal is to offer you ideas and show you how to bring them to life.