L’Oreal Mask Magic Clay: negative experience

L'Oreal Mask Magic Clay

Once they sent me a whole box of L’Oreal Magic Clay face masks for review. I tested them for a long time and painfully, in order to understand – where magic begins and ends. Seems to understand.

  • The packaging of all L’Oreal Magic Clay face masks is solid. A weighty glass jar with contents that have very serious plans to fight skin problems.
  • As much as 50 ml for 10 uses, provided that the mask is applied 3 times a week.
  • The cost of each can is 500 rubles.

Mask L'Oreal Magic Clay - reviews, photos, experience

L’Oreal Magic Clay – instructions

  • Apply the mask with a spatula all over the face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water, apply face cream.

L’Oreal Facial Mask Magic Clay Cleansing and Mattifying

Mask L'Oreal Magic Clay - reviews, photos, experience

We are promised cleansing, pore tightening and matting. To do this, they have created a formula that will draw all this “disgrace” from the skin and create magic.


I put on a mask. I experience a slight burning sensation and tingling sensation… I pretend that it should be so. I endure in silence. I take my phone and scroll through the Instagram feed. Distracted from unpleasant sensations.

After 10 minutes I run to the bathtub to get rid of the mask as soon as possible. I am happier than ever with tap water and a soft towel.

I look in the mirror and observe how the skin visually tightened. There was a keen desire to spread with a thick layer of moisturizer. I get smeared. Let go.

I repeat the procedure after 3 days. A similar reaction. I continue to use the mask for a month and instead of 3 times a week I apply 1 time. I see strong peeling! The mask has dried out the skin, which means it is NOT suitable for all skin types, as stated by Loreal!

L’Oreal Facial Mask Magic Clay Detox & Radiance

Mask L'Oreal Magic Clay - reviews, photos, experience

This mask promises to drag the skin glow that has escaped me from my legs. To bring back (radiance) it will use 3 natural cleansing clays and charcoal!


My feeling of the mask: dries and tightens after the first application. But unlike the first, there were no unpleasant sensations during application.

After the skin looked smooth, smooth and requiring a dose of nourishing cream. I provide it to the fullest. I use the mask once a week instead of three and the jar is not enough for 10 applications, but for all 25.

Feels like regular clay that you can buy in a bag for 40 rubles in a cosmetic store.

L’Oreal Magic Clay Facial Mask Exfoliating and Shrinking Pores

Mask L'Oreal Magic Clay - reviews, photos, experience

We are assured that 3 natural clays and red algae extract will provide gentle exfoliation, remove dead cells and tighten pores!


The skin instantly reacts to the presence of scrubbing particles and irritation appears immediately after removing the mask

Refusing the full course and discontinue use after the third use.

All three Loreal face masks are quite aggressive for dry and sensitive skin.

Mask L'Oreal Magic Clay - reviews, photos, experience

  • Therefore, the statement “suitable for ALL skin types” – I think it is wrong. It is this that is misleading and causes a negative reaction.

And the fact that masks are replaceable with cheaper analogs is a fact. I did not notice any particular differences from those that I bought in pharmacies and cosmetic stores.

What is your opinion on L’Oreal Magic Clay masks: is there an experience? How was it?