New Brand: Wayne Goss Cosmetics

Wayne Goss Cosmetics - cosmetic brand

Wait – Wayne Goss Cosmetics! It’s not for nothing that Wayne Goss has been clever about cosmetics and make-up for so many years.

I was recruiting a huge number of subscribers, so that then “bam” and announce the launch of brushes. We managed them estimate and even enjoy the quality!

Suddenly news: I am launching my own cosmetic line – Wayne Goss Cosmetics.

Wayne Goss Cosmetics

  • It should work out, at least qualitatively. About availability – I doubt it. Prices for brushes are high, which is quite justified. With cosmetics it is more difficult. The competition is such that it’s even scary to imagine how new brands can make their way?

The situation can be saved by loyal subscribers, or rather fans, buying up cosmetics no matter what!

How do you see the future of Wayne Goss cosmetics? What will he take: quality or presentation?

Wayne Goss Cosmetics

I lean towards quality products and modest packaging designs. The price tag will vary from 2000-5000r, not cheaper.

Now your bets on Wayne Goss Cosmetics?