Sephora in Russia: where the first Sephora store will open!

Sephora in Russia

Rumor – will Sephora appear in Russia? – confirmed. Since September 1, the large Ile de Beaute stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg have closed for renovation!

We are promised: new design, comfortable space and updated assortment.

Everything is kept in secret, but beauty shopaholics rub their hands in the hope of seeing the cherished Sephora letters in place of Ile de Beaute! After all, there are cosmetic brands behind it, whose appearance we have been waiting for all these years.

Sephora in Russia

But. Don’t count on cosmetic brands that are represented in American Sephora.

Sephora in Russia will come with a European assortment.

They posted their appearance on Instagram and got a bunch of likes, guess who? From the Russian audience.

Until recently, no one believed in their appearance in Russia, but official sources confirmed this information and announced the grand opening of Sephora in Russia in September 2018.

So which Sephora stores in Russia will be the first to arrive?

Sephora in Russia

  • Moscow, shopping center “Aviapark” September 14 at 16:00 Opening ceremony. Within a month you can get a 25% discount card with any purchase.
  • Saint-Petersburg shopping center “Gallery” the exact date of opening is unknown.

Are you waiting for the opening of Sefora’s store in Russia?