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Want to see what the best face contouring blush looks like?


My all-time favorite blog topic and in life Is a contouring blush. I’m a pro in this matter. No, not because I think highly of myself, but because I have been drawing cheekbones since I was 16.

  • As I grew up, my weight jumped here and there. Sometimes he went up to 60 kg! Here here you can see me at this weight. Hence, there was a constant need to reduce the volume of the face. She grew with each gained kg.

Since then, a lot has changed … I got rid of unnecessary pounds, but the dependence of blush for contouring – no! I still buy and am not going to stop. So the idea came up to give you this list in your hands.

The best blush for face contouring: TOP-5

The best blush for facial contouring

1. TheBalm Balm Desert Bronzer Blush

The best blush for facial contouring

Declared as bronzing, and in fact an analogue of Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush # 5 Beige Violet.

Anyone who is tired of gray sculptors is simply obliged to pay attention to this color. Review lies here

  • The lack of redness allows the color to be categorized as “neutral contouring blush”. And this is the “green light” for white-skinned people. Do you hear, huh?)

2. Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder 504

The best blush for facial contouring

Not sure what the color of purple chalk looks like?

Then we urgently go to swatch the powder at number 504 and “ahaem” at the sight of a cold, but very steep shade for the hollow (under the cheekbone bone).

Yes, not everyone has it. Therefore, I do not see any problem in identifying it. Just don’t forget about the intricacies of contouring, which I recently wrote about. here… And at the same time, remember the review article on this blush.

3. Physicians Formula Butter Blush Plum Rose

The best blush for facial contouring

You will find the color of a cloud of roses in a complex and at the same time simple shade Plum Rose.

Tenderness goes off scale, that there can be no talk of any drawing of the cheekbones. The color is at the level of the neutral shade, which denotes the cheekbones. It’s easy to love him.

  • Positive qualities – a pleasant texture, do not create dust, are easy to shade – overshadow the mind that the chances of leaving without a purchase are zero.

4. Make Up For Ever S116 Artist Face Color – Sculpting

The best blush for facial contouring

It is not necessary to leave for Spain in order to find the color of a Spanish pitchfork. I found it in the shade S116.

  • Warm, matte, hassle-free to apply. But. Whites won’t appreciate it. It will turn red if you have not been able to sunbathe this year.

5. Facial Sculptor MAC Cosmic Force Mineralize Blush

The best blush for facial contouring

The versatility of color (beige and pink) replaces the sculptor. So we calmly apply along the entire cheekbone. How it looks, look here

  • Suitable for any makeup, be it evening or daytime. Ideal for those who are afraid to start using contouring blush. It won’t be scary with him!)

Hopefully on the list you will see THESE contouring blushes that are the best for you. And if you have your favorites, then let me know about them in the comments.