How and what to apply cream blush: rules of use

How and what to apply cream blush

This year is fruitful for the appearance of a creamy blush. Palettes, odnushki, sticks – all for the sake of creating the effect of a healthy complexion! Well, OK. We don’t mind, right? We buy a cream blush, apply it, but in the end what? We see terrible spots, not shaded areas, uneven coverage. Is all this familiar to you? Then this article is for you!

How to apply cream blush

1. Makeup sponge

Brush – very often brings the shading of the blush to the chin. It seems like you control the process, and the color creeps up and down. What to do? Buy beauty blender! Creamy blush will appreciate it.

Yes, the one that most of you hate for the incomprehensible application of foundation. Those who are still in contradiction with the beauty blender – I recommend to improve relations. It is ideal for applying creamy textures.

How and what to apply cream blush

How to apply cream blush

With the flat part of the sponge, we apply the cream sculptor, soften the borders with the back side, and apply the blush with the round one. It’s that simple!

Three movements and cheekbones of your dreams on your face. No dry product can match the skin tone as softly and smoothly as cream. Hence the love and dedication of makeup artists to this type of product.

2. By hands

For the most economical, I suggest another option – to apply cream blush with your fingers. Patting movements without rubbing and rubbing the skin with your fingers, otherwise hello, worn tone! This is a very simple but effective way.

How and what to apply cream blush

3. Blush brush

Well, for those who like the old-fashioned way, I recommend a regular brush for applying blush. The pile must be synthetic! The options are dark, that I will not recommend a specific brush, but I can tell you – a set Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Set

Well, it’s time to get out the cream blush that was lying around and show them the “hoo from hoo”! Do you agree? How do you apply them? Having trouble with feathering?

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