Makeup in one product: it’s real!

Makeup in one product

Not always bright makeup is a bunch of colored eyeliners and shadows. You can get by with one tool. Okay, two: eye shadow and eyeliner. Now I will show you how to do makeup with one product.

I chose a contrasting combination: orange eye shadow and blue pencil.

I worked with shadows on the fold, the movable part and the lower eyelid. There are no auxiliary shades here. Only orange with a matte finish.

Makeup in one product

I highlighted the inner corner with eyeliner. Against the background of orange shadows, it looks even brighter and richer.

Makeup in one product

So much for your colored makeup in one product. Take your favorite color combinations and don’t be afraid to arrange them in the same order – the colored outer corner and the bright inner corner. How do you like the idea? smile

Of course, both products must be of high quality, read highly pigmented and long-lasting. Without these properties, make-up can turn out to be inconspicuous and it will no longer work to be limited to only two products.

But this does not mean that you need to run for professional cosmetics. They can also be found in the mass market, which you will learn about from the list of used products.

List of products with links to reviews:


Tone cream Sustainable art visage with moisturizing complex and vitamin E # 210

Concealer Art-Visage Miracle Touch

LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette


Creamy eyebrow liner Make Up Secret eyebrow cream No. 02

Tint gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Art-visage Fix & Care dark brown


NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Lime Crime Venus II Eyeshadow Palette (orange tint)

Eyeliner Soda Velvet Eye Pencil 006 BLUE MACAROON


Lipstick pencil Pupa Material Luxury Duo Lips Twist-Up Spring 2018