what prevents us from using them in everyday life

Makeup Trends

The other day, with one of the readers, we started talking about trends in makeup, or rather, about the opportunity to demonstrate them in life, and not in a photo. How appropriate are they in our everyday life …

It is necessary to make up your lips with black lipstick, as you are “written” in the Goths. We are obsessed with classifying people, that when we see a non-standard image, we assign it to a certain category. Having done this, we are pleased with ourselves that we have explained to ourselves, having understood who is in front of us.

Black lips

And what if you are the most ordinary person who loves black lipstick and you have nothing to do with the goths. All the same, we feel constrained, because those around you are looking, or rather, looking at you with all their eyes. Even I am a person who feels comfortable with black lipstick on my lips in front of the camera and not very much in life.

Yes, I can pretend I don’t care, but “pretending” is not being sure. Therefore, to meet on the street a girl with black or even purple lips is a rarity.

Makeup Trends

Hence the conclusion: fears rule us! And only on Instagram are we all so bold and provocative.

Therefore, makeup trends will never become a part of our life until we recognize that the opinion of others is important to us!

Makeup Trends

The Internet is the platform that allows you to liberate yourself in front of people invisible to you. This is why makeup trends take root online and don’t go offline.

Another question is: when do we realize this? After all, fear is a weakness until you acknowledge its existence.

Now I want to hear your opinion: what prevents you from wearing bright eyeshadow or lipstick? Do you recognize the power of the opinions of the people around you? Honestly.