Feathered arrow – step by step execution technique

Feathered arrow

Shaded arrow is the most popular makeup. And all because it suits absolutely everyone. Owners of an overhanging eyelid, deep-set eyes, with drooping outer corners, with an Asian cut of the eyes – a shaded arrow goes to all of you!

To make a blended arrow, you need an eyeshadow palette and eyeliner. Nothing more. For some reason, many people associate it with a large set of cosmetics and the complexity of implementation. This is far from the case, and today you will see for yourself.


How to make a feathered arrow

Start at the outer corner of the eye, applying the eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid.

With a fluffy brush, blend the edges of the shadows, going beyond the crease of the eyelid.

Take your eyeliner and draw an arrow following the pattern I described here.

Use a barrel brush such as the Real Techniques Eye Smudge + Diffuse Set. Use it to blend only the edges of the eyeliner. If you blend all the eyeliner, you end up with dirt. To do this, you need to move the brush into the inside of the movable eyelid, as if pulling back the color of the eyeliner.

All this should not happen as in a slow motion movie, but at an accelerated pace, until the eyeliner has time to fix. Once it’s dry, the chances of drawing a feathery arrow are nil.

And if your arrow has lost its intensity, you can bring it back with black shadows. Walk them along the line.

The last basic step is to highlight the inner corner with a lighter shade of shadows.

Feathered arrow

A beginner’s mistake is to focus on the choice of cosmetics, and not on the execution technique. Believe me, practice will correct all your shortcomings, so that you can draw a shaded arrow with absolutely any product.

It’s not about your makeup, it’s about your skills. Once you realize this, you stop hunting for a list of products from famous makeup artists whose work you enjoy. It’s not about cosmetics, but only about their ability to handle it.

Feathered arrow

If you still have questions and do not understand at what stage you make a mistake, let me know in the comments!