TheBalm Pickup Liners Lip Liner – review

TheBalm Pickup Liners Lip Liner

Do you know how a good lip liner differs from a bad one? I’ll answer this question with theBalm Pickup Liners Lip Line as an example.

Slate – these are their differences.

It comes in two types: hard and soft.

Ideal: not hard and not soft, but medium. This is the moment when “average” does not sound offensive.

TheBalm Pickup Liners Lip Liner

  • Hard lead will be difficult to make contact, scratching the skin of the lips.
  • A soft lead breaks at the slightest pressure on the pencil.

What to do? Search for the ideal.

And I found it in theBalm Pickup Liners Lip Liner.


New for this season, which came out in 8 shades.

I need everything because I work with other women’s lips). Remember, I’m a makeup artist.

TheBalm Pickup Liners Lip Liner

The lead has a semi-soft texture that slides along the contour of the lips, giving no reason to be angry with him.

TheBalm Pickup Liners Lip Liner

Already after the first use, the sharpening disappears and it becomes comfortable for coloring the lips. This suggests that you do not need to sharpen it. Generally.


theBalm Pickup Liners Lip Liner


The twisting mechanism saves by hiding the lead inside.

TheBalm Pickup Liners Lip Liner

Firmness at the level – will withstand any varnish gloss or lipstick gloss, which are now in vogue.

Few people ask for ordinary lipstick – I would have a better outline. Moreover, lipsticks have long ceased to be made “out of the ordinary”). Well, you know what I mean.

The only negative, the existence of which depends only on you, is the requirement to tightly close the pencils. For this reason, one of them dried up and cannot be restored. This applies to any gel-based pencils. Just keep this in mind.

How’s your progress with finding lip pencils, which brands are seen doing similarly good behavior?