Allurebox # 5 May – review, composition, photos, description

Allurebox # 5 May

Every time I open another box, for example, Allurebox # 5 May, I think: how to tell about what I saw, but I haven’t had time to try it yet. But by some miracle, thoughts-reasoning come to my mind and I recall either my past experience, or I look forward to the future.

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Face Gel

I had an experience with face gels and I must say sad. From any brand of gel I got subcutaneous acne. You know, they are so white that you cannot squeeze out. I will sit there until the very end. Well, a couple would be different, but no, give them the whole forehead, which is large for me and always attracts the attention of the interlocutor.

To be honest, I am a person without complexes, but when these nasty things “sit” on your forehead, you think about a lot. For example, about their mass destruction in a beautician’s chair. Therefore, I give the gels to those who do not have such a reaction or, in extreme cases, have a small forehead).

Allurebox # 5 May

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Cleansing mousse Avene Mousse Nettoyante

Unlike gels, I love mousses. So gentle, gentle on your skin. Lovely, not mousse. With it, you do not have to rub the skin in order to wash off the excess, everything somehow goes away by itself and is washed off with water in a matter of seconds. I haven’t tried this one specifically.

Allurebox # 5 May

Avene Mousse Nettoyante

Avene Autobronzant Hydratant

I bypass the auto bronzers. When I was 15, I decided to tan with bronzer. The result was unfortunate: uneven surfaces and eerie stains. Therefore, I had to walk in trousers at +28 for the next two weeks, until all this disgrace was washed away. Now I am no longer 15 years old, but the desire has not appeared. Auto bronzers seem like children’s toys to me, like plastic nails that will fall off at any moment. Or am I not right?

Allurebox # 5 May

Avene Autobronzant Hydratant

Urban Decay Naked Skin Powder Foundation

Considering that the powder has to be tried, as well as the foundation “before” buying the full size version, Urban Decay nicely provided miniatures in different shades for Allurebox # 5 May. Not bad, huh? These copies are enough to understand how it works specifically on your face.

Allurebox # 5 May

JAPAN GALS “3 Layers Collagen Mask 30P”

I’ve been hooked on fabric masks for a long time and still can’t write a review of several brands at once. But the article will be quite provocative and controversial. In general, if you need it, let me know).

Allurebox # 5 May

JAPAN GALS Layers Collagen Mask 30P

Clarins Energizing Emulsion Milk for tired legs

If you think that before going to bed I put on expensive creams, where it is written that the cream is only for heels and feet, you are wrong. I take a baby cream, smear it with a thick layer, put on socks and go to bed. The next morning the heels are as good as new! It makes sense to spend money on additional foot products, where almost every second cream works. Do you agree with me or may I underestimate them?

Allurebox # 5 May

Clarins Energizing Emulsion

Mascara Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I wanted to try this mascara for a long time, they say it’s cool. I will try the fragrances too, but I doubt they will please my nose, which loves such soft and subtle scents that everyone else seems incredibly cloying and intrusive. Yes, I am one of those who wrinkles their nose, entering the elevator after a passenger who got out and forgot to take away the scent train.

Allurebox # 5 May

Dolce Gabbana The One and Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso

I imperceptibly took a picture of mascara and fragrances together, the packaging of mascara was painfully in harmony with the perfume. Anyway.


Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso

This is the lineup of Allurebox # 5 May, how do you like it?