H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color – review

H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color

Just a couple of years ago, only makeup artists had access to liquid shadows. They knew how to best use them to make them happy. The townsfolk watched, envied and could not do anything with the feeling: I want it too. Now everyone has such an opportunity. It is enough to come to H&M and buy H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color.

Previously, liquid eyeshadows were classified as “pro” cosmetics, which made them only available in specialized stores. Who would have thought that in a couple of years they would appear in a clothing store for one thing, just like that. It’s about H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color.


H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color is a limited edition collection. They are not yet ready to launch a base line of liquid metals. They understand that not everyone needs it. And who needs it, he has already bought 4 pieces, like me).

H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color

I first bought two shades. But it took a week to understand: we need a couple more.
And all four had a positive effect on my work.

H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color

For the first experiment, I had to borrow my husband’s eyebrows. They are thick, not like some of them (I point a finger at myself). There was the very place for liquid metal. The sparkle and shine looked very interesting.


The second experiment ended with the fact that I applied H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color already on my eyebrows, but the absence of thick and coarse hairs did not help in the work, but only worsened the result. I had to draw a form with them and limit myself to this.

H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color

I applied it to the lips, where it looked pretty decent. True, the effect is temporary. But this is enough for the makeup artist when it comes to the filming process.

The third experiment about the most predictable method is applying liquid shadows to the eyes.

H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color

For the final experiment, I “poured” blue paint on the movable part of the eyelid and almost calculated the amount. They began to roll down and fold into folds. Therefore, they need constant control over them.

H&M Fluid Foil Eye Color


It was an interesting experience. If you are not a makeup artist, but an artist sits in your soul, then feel free to take them.

For this reason, they inhabit the islands of the PRO brands and thrive in the hands of makeup artists. For them, it is an insult to sit on the same shelf with ordinary pencils and lipsticks. Liquid shadows on high. Creative. Visage.