How to make spring eye makeup – step by step instructions

Today I want to show you how to do spring eye makeup. For this, I have prepared a step-by-step photo instruction that will tell you about my every step.

How to do spring eye makeup

Not surprisingly, I chose a palette that matches the theme of today’s post, “How to Make Spring Eye Makeup.” For this I used Lime Crime Lawn / Flamingo Superfoil Eyeshadow Duo, applying them to the entire movable eyelid, and borrowed the brown shades from the Lorac Pro palette. Plus liquid eyeliner – H&M Liquid eyeliner.

Please note that there is only one contrasting shade in the makeup – green. All other tones are the usual light brown shades. This is one of those examples that shows the possibilities of the moving eyelid. It is enough to cover it with a bright and rich color of shadows, as the makeup will sparkle with new colors.

Therefore, if suddenly you are tired of “wearing” the same type of makeup, then the time has come for a mobile age and chameleon shadows.

How to do spring eye makeup

Apply the foil-effect shadow to the crease with a flat brush. Try not to go to the stationary part, controlling the area of ​​application of the shadows.

Use a fluffy squirrel bristle brush to work through the crease of the eyelid with brown shadows. If the shadows are lightly pigmented and the brush refuses to pick up shadows, then use a quality synthetic brush.

Draw the lower eyelid with a pencil brush in the same color as the crease of the eyelid.

Draw the arrow with liquid pearlescent eyeliner.

How to do spring eye makeup

This is how I see spring eye makeup – bright, but not flashy.

If for some reason you are in a difficult relationship with green shadows, then I suggest replacing them with any others. From lesson to lesson, I repeat that you should not take my step-by-step diagrams literally. Change the colors to your favorites and your dream makeup will come true)!

How to do spring eye makeup