Is it worth spending money on expensive body care

Is it worth spending money on expensive body care

The other day I was thinking, is it worth spending money on expensive body care? This is how this article appeared, in which I decided to share my thoughts on this matter with you.

When it comes to choosing body care products, the mass market wins. There were attempts to buy a suite and feel the difference. Should you announce the winner?

Let’s take a shower gel, whose duty is to smell delicious and slightly moisturize. This, by the way, is within the power of every second gel. The question is about money. Is it worth paying for it from 1,000 rubles and above? What is there in expensive gels that is not in cheap ones …

In fact, all of these products are in the “quick wash” category. Does your skin have time to enjoy the 1,500 rubles spent … Do you feel the body’s gratitude for the composition, which takes time, and not “apply-rub-wash”?

Is it worth spending money on expensive body care

Talking about the compositions. The mass market produces gels, milk, body scrubs – everything that you can “pour” on yourself at one time. The composition is different for everyone, but sometimes it is not inferior to luxury.

It’s just that the luxury can afford a cool PR campaign, but the mass market cannot. Their ad is impressive: “Look how great we are, we have some cool ingredients for your skin! We have been developing them for years, “torturing” the skin of 100 women, 80 of whom felt the gifts of nature, recognizing the naturalness of the composition. “

Body milk

You can learn more about the naturalness of the formulations in the book “Science of Beauty”, which should be in your bedside table. They talk about the real cost of products made from all natural. In fact, they don’t exist. The reason: the majority will not buy “kremushki” for fabulous money.

Even in a conversation with a pedicure master, we started talking about leaving: Ol, buy oils in their pure form and mix them, the effect will be “wow”. It’s not worth it to buy an expensive luxury suite with the same effect, ”she said under my“ uh huh ”.

Is it worth spending money on expensive body care

That is why body care is the easiest choice for me.

True, some are willing to pay for the experience. Not everyone will tolerate the cheap plastic on the bathroom shelf. Much nicer is a glass jar with “made in France” and a beautiful font on it.

As a blogger, I was able to appreciate expensive, very expensive and cheap body care products. The first ones smell like perfume, the second ones foam better, and the third ones work, but without show-off.

What do you think about all this, I am very interested. How much is your body “worth”, in the sense of the cost of the food you pour on it? Feelings and differences that you have experienced at least once. Let’s discuss. If I am wrong, then convince me otherwise. I want a dialogue!)