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Make Up Store Safari Collection

Do you like predators? Me not. They are dangerous. And everything that gives rise to fear in us evokes one desire: never to meet with him again. But what to do when you are holding a decorative predator in your hands? Leopard print is haunting the new Make Up Store Safari Collection and is becoming an integral part of it!

The Make Up Store Safari Collection exudes heat like hot asphalt in summer. The moment when you expect the watering machine to save you from the heat and reduce the temperature by at least two degrees. But this never happens.

But in the case of Safari, we have a place to go and hide from the heat, taking a closer look at all the products.

Shadow Make Up Store Microshadow Resort

  Microshadow Resort

The packaging doesn’t look cheap, but rather the opposite: stylish. Made from a material that doesn’t show fingerprints, scratches, nothing at all!

Make Up Store Safari Collection

And inside there is a huge shadow refill and a khaki color that reflects the safari theme. The absence of a large shimmer and the presence of light mother-of-pearl makes it possible to use them in daytime makeup, and the satin finish does not cause problems with shading. By the way, yes, satin shadows are the lightest in shading! Make a note of this in your notebook.


Shadow Make Up Store Microshadow Marble Diano Reale (Brown / White / Sand)

  Microshadow marble diano reale

The second shadows raise great doubts: what kind of color is this? But he shouldn’t scare you. This is the most common shade in application and unusual in the result.

Make Up Store Safari Collection

A subtle chameleon will add expressiveness to any eye makeup. It balances between golden and brown, and in the end gives the following result:


Both shades are highly pigmented, but when shaded, khaki loses its saturation, in contrast to the second chameleon shade.

Make Up Store Eyedust Desert Loose Eyeshadow

Loose shadows

Not everyone loves pigments, because they are afraid of them, as I am predators). Yes, you have to get used to them. Yes, you can always find an analogue for compressed shadows. But their texture allows different methods of application, which will affect the result. I taught you this in the article “How to apply pigments: methods and features”

Make Up Store Safari Collection

The most common way: diluent of eyeshadow + pigment. As for the color, I cannot attribute it to either warm or cold metallic. In short, see for yourself.

  Eyedust desert

Now I will show all three colors in work.
Make Up Store Safari Collection

Make Up Store Bronzing Powder Leopard


Bronzer is 100% predator because the leopard print is not only on the outside, but also on the inside. And this, as you know, is not one solid color, but several shades at once in one!


In addition to color, there is so much mother-of-pearl in it that it can be attributed to a highlighter. As a result, we get both a glow and the appearance of a light tan.

Make Up Store Safari Collection

The shade is specifically red, which reminded me of theBalm ‘Betty-Lou Manizer Bronzing Highlighter.


Therefore, bronzer requires at least a light tan or careful shading. I chose the latter, because I haven’t had time to get a tan this year.


Make Up Store Brush Leopard Powder # 400

Make Up Store Safari Collection

And finally, the predatory brush – Leopard Powder # 400 for bronzer. It has been noticed: all bronzer brushes are equally densely set, made of hard nap, large.

Make Up Store Brush Leopard Powder # 400

I like a softer bristle, as I have sensitive skin and any friction can irritate it. Although this does not cause anything like this, it is not pleasant enough.

By quality: does not climb, does not fade and behaves like a high-quality, but with a tough character brush. If you are not as sensitive as I and have never used brushes for a face made of gray squirrel bristles, then you will not feel anything like this.


I don’t know how you feel about predators, but the limited edition Make Up Store Safari Collection convinced me of the beauty of the leopard print. They managed to stand out from the general background of summer collections of other brands and attract my attention. How do you like eyeshadow, bronzer, brush? What is hooked and what is not?