Why so much cosmetics – the real reasons

Why so much cosmetics

Why so much makeup? – they asked me until I became a makeup artist. Still, it’s impossible not to become one, possessing suitcases of cosmetics, right? – asked one friend. Oh, if she knew about the existence of Temptalia, who is just a blogger and just keeps cosmetics with limits from 2006 in cabinets.

And then I thought … really, why do we need so much makeup? And then I received the answers, which I decided to share with you. I have compiled TOP-6 products, the number of which can grow to several dozen, and there are good reasons for this.

Why so much mascara

beauty blogger-3

The first mascara shamelessly glues, but famously lengthens.

The second does not lengthen, but creates a steep volume.

The third is imprinted, lasting 24 hours a day.

The fourth doesn’t do a damn thing.

The fifth is cool in all respects, but after a month it dries up.

The sixth is too liquid, you have to wait a month to dry out.

The seventh does everything she needs, but crumbles.

The eighth suits in all respects, except for heavy makeup removal.

The ninth flows, it costs the eyes to water, but it separates it coolly.

The tenth is just a novelty, I wanted to buy.

Why so much blush

The first is to draw cheekbones

The second – with a warm undertone, just for the summer.

Still others – with a satin finish.

The fourth – with a matte finish.

Fifth colors “walked at -20 degrees.”

Sixth – because the limit.

Seventh – I liked the packaging.

Eighth – bought because the blogger advised.

Ninths – I liked the unusual duochrome color

Tenths – to be new!

Why so much lipstick

beauty blogger-2

1st colors are “my lips, but not mine”.

2nd – my lips, but a little paler.

3rd – give matte lips!

4th – I don’t want attention, nude colors.

5th – I am deprived of kisses, we make up for them with deliciously smelling lipstick.

6th – because Kim Kardashian has it and I need it.

7th – I want to be in trend, bought a trendy shade.

8th – I don’t want to be like everyone else, I’ll take this gray color.

9th – the worse I am than Svetka, I can afford lipstick for 5 thousand rubles.

10th – just because I like her.

Why so many tonal creams

The first can is a great finish.

The second can is for the summer with a slight matting effect.

The third can is a light fluid.

The fourth bank is a tonal “putty”.

The fifth bank is a tonal one with a useful composition.

The sixth bank – bought according to reviews.

The seventh can – I like the smell.

The eighth can is a moisturizing tone for the winter.

The ninth can is the tone of my youth, let it be.

The tenth can is a novelty with a unique texture.

Why so much eyebrow makeup

Why so much cosmetics

The first remedy is the eyebrow shadows appear!

The second tool is a felt-tip pen for “draw hairs!”

The third remedy is an eyebrow gel.

The fourth remedy is a fudge for “lengthen the ponytail!”

The fifth remedy is soap for “comb hair!”

Why so many eye shadows

beauty blogger-5

The first palette for every day.

The second palette is colored for the soul.

The third palette is in shades of “autumn”.

The fourth palette is not like all other palettes.

The fifth palette is limited.

The sixth palette is another limited edition, damn them, these limits!

The seventh palette is the very first palette in my life.

The eighth palette – I bought it and don’t use it, but it’s a pity to throw it away.

The ninth palette is an impulse buy.

The tenth palette – just to be!

The article will be an excellent answer to the question when you are once again asked – why so much cosmetics? You can link to it without explaining anything. Even I will not be able to immediately answer such a simple and at the same time difficult question.

Cosmetics are more than just palettes, lipsticks, pencils … This is our life, emotions, feelings. It gives us the opportunity to be different.

After this article, do not even try to convince me of the nonsense of what was said. The cosmetics are working. The results are proven. All purchases are justified.

I give you the floor: what does cosmetics mean to you, do you need the tenth blush and the fifth mascara, do you agree with my opinion? And did the crisis affect your cosmetic bag?