Glamor Bag # 1 September – reviews, photos, composition

Glamor Bag # 1 September

The news: “Sample Society with Glamor magazine announces the launch of a new service – Glamor Bag # 1 September” – spread across the Internet in a couple of days. And now she is already in front of you!

Glamor Bag # 1 September consists of 11 products, 9 of which are full-size.

Glamor Bag # 1 September

In every tenth handbag there may be a T-shirt “Glamor 10 years”, which was released for the anniversary of the magazine. Glamor Bag # 1 September

Now let’s move on to the content:

BB cream – Garnier “The Secret of Perfection”, volume 50 ml

So much has been written and said about him, but not in my blog. Therefore, I promise to write you a review from “before and after”, evaluating the cream as a make-up artist, and only then as a blogger.

BB cream - Garnier

Mascara with argan oil – Gosh Boombastic XXL Swirl Volume Mascara, volume 13 ml

The brush is very huge and scary in shape. Usually these are not that I do not fit, they attack my eye, which begins to twitch even before using it). But I overcome this fear and still use them.

Glamor Bag # 1 September

Seventeen Supreme Nail Enamel, 12 ml

Nude varnish will never be superfluous, it’s too early to talk about the qualities, but would you be interested to hear?)

Seventeen Nail Polish

Catrice Absolute Eye Color Mono Eye Shadow # 810 Petrolling Stones 2.5g

Another fairly well-known brand that bypassed me, or rather, I was her; and the fact that these turned out to be shadows, I’m even very glad, suddenly the mass market won’t let you down again)!

Glamor Bag # 1 September

Hand Cream – Neutrogena “Intensive Recovery”, volume 15 ml

“Moistening and moistening again” – this is the slogan of October, and everything that comes to hand comes to the rescue, in this case it is Nitrojina.

Hand Cream - Neutrogena

Blush stick “Berry sorbet” – Lumene Raspberry Miracle Blush, volume 6.5 g

A very popular format today is a blush stick. And this is really convenient, and most importantly quickly: applied, shaded with fingers and over bread)!

Blush stick "Berry sorbet"

CC cream “Absolute Perfection” – Lumene, volume 6.5 g

I wrote about him and very well)! Here’s a full overview.

Glamor Bag # 1 September

Long-lasting lip gloss Rimmel Oh My Gloss! – “Glossaholic”, volume 5.5 ml

The word “persistent” and “lip gloss” do not fit in my head, let’s see if Rimmel turns my life around ?!

Long Lasting Lip Gloss - Rimmel Oh My Gloss!

Shower Gel – Dove “Gentle Renewal”, volume 250 ml

Is it worth talking about the benefits of a scrub? Especially in winter, when dry skin, peeling, which you want to get rid of, you get the idea.

Glamor Bag # 1 September

Sheet mask for the face – Vilenta “Hyaluronic ACID Pro”, volume 28 ml

Cloth masks are so popular today that it’s not even worth talking about their benefits. But I plan to review several masks of different brands at once, I think it will be interesting.

Face mask

Cosmetic bag “Rive Gauche”

Glamor Bag # 1 September

Since there were a lot of decorative tools in the box, I decided to make a swatch for you.

Glamor Bag # 1 September

Here is such an obscenely large, beautiful and varied box of Glamor Bag.

Price: 750 r

The total cost of all products: about 2800r

The conclusion, in my opinion, is obvious.

Glamor Bag # 1 September

What about Glamor Bag # 1 September?