Make Up Store Tri Brow Color

Make Up Store Tri Brow Color

There is not much information on the Internet about the Make Up Store Tri Brow Color eyebrow shadows, which is why my review should be useful for you.

Many people underestimate eyebrow shadows. What is capable of expressing emotions so vividly and so clearly, if not the eyebrows. It is for their existence that brands are fighting, releasing eyebrow shadows.

Description of eyebrow shadow Make Up Store Tri Brow Color

The compact set consists of three matte textures. All three colors match the natural shades of the eyebrows, which makes it possible to use them separately or build the desired gradation, choosing the right combination of shades.

The darkest shade, given the high pigment density, can be applied to the eyeliner with a damp brush.

General impression

When I saw them on sale, I immediately realized that they would be mine! I was struck by the muted palette and highly pigmented texture.

All three shades without a hint of red undertones. Swatch leaves no doubt that they are gray-brown, the same “taupe” color that 80% of girls are chasing, well, maybe not 80%, but 50% for sure!

Therefore, I can declare with confidence that the shades are beautiful in every way and are universal! And to look more convincing, I demonstrate the “before” and “after” in the photo below.

Make Up Store Tri Brow Color


Eyebrow shadow

Make Up Store Tri Brow Color


Eyebrow makeup

Cons of Make Up Store Tri Brow Color

Yes, they are pigmented and yes, wow shades. But. The shadows crumble, have a loose texture and from this it is difficult to type on the brush. As you understand, these are the disadvantages that are important when applying.

Therefore, I will be frank: it is only the color and the result that makes them the best, but definitely not the texture.

And what is more important for you when choosing eyebrow shadows: texture or result?