Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016: reviews, photos, swatch

Let’s talk about spring? When not only the view outside the window changes, but also the cosmetics stands, where the limited spring collections are located. One of these is “Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016”.

Collection Description Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016

The Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016 announces the beginning of warm sunny days, which we missed so much in winter. During this period of time, you want to update not only your wardrobe, but also your cosmetic bag. For example, the new blush “Pupa Dot Shock Blush”.

Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016, Blush, Pupa, Reviews, New collection, Spring

This option is convenient for those who find it difficult to decide on a specific shade of blush. There are three of them at once – peach, bright coral and bright pink balls. They all go well with each other.

Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016

The “meteorite” format makes them more wearable, where all three shades give the same color of tenderness.

Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016

The balls turned out to be very vulnerable, that under any influence from the outside (put in a suitcase), some of them may crumble. Yes, they are quite pigmented and easy to pick up on the brush, but this is what makes them so vulnerable.


For those who do not like the format of balls and do not own a separate brush for blush, they will be puzzled by both, because the puff is a goofy thing.

Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016

Pupa Dot Shock Lip Gloss Balmy Gloss

It’s a pity they did not appear in the winter collection, where the need for additional moisturizing of the lips increases significantly. But in addition to care, I want beauty: a little gloss and color. All this is in Pupa Dot Shock Balmy Gloss.


They were endowed with oils, added persistent pigment and retained the shine, which after a while “eats away”, but the pigment remains.


True, the remaining pigment looks beautiful due to the naturalness of the shades. By the way about them. There are two colors in the collection.

001 Petal Coral

Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016

002 Pink Beauty

Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016

Gloss-balm does not emphasize peeling, it is applied evenly, and for the sake of the picture “this is my lip color” you can shade it with your fingers, so that no one will even guess about the presence of gloss on the lips. Therefore, with them you can survive not only spring, but also the whole winter.

Pupa Dot Shock Collection Spring 2016

Both products turned out to be successful in execution, which has already become familiar when dealing with Pupa. I wanted to find a couple of flaws and I found them, but still the decisive factor is the color and comfort to wear. And this, as you already understood, is present in the collection.

What is decisive for you when buying blush and lip gloss: color or comfort?