All Verbena line products from L`Occitane

All Verbena line products from L`Occitane

Today I will show all my means of the Verbena line from L`Occitane and tell you what has to do with Verbena and Citrus.

Exactly a year ago, Loksitan tried their luck by releasing the Exciting Verbena line of products. Even then, I was surprised by the fresh and unbiased aroma, which, as it seemed to me, was the best for a summer romance.

But. If I were given the opportunity to choose and compare these two lines, I would betray my last year’s love and here’s why.

I go crazy for citrus scent in any form. Be it perfume, shampoo or shower gel, just to find a citrus note in it. If it is, then others cease to exist for me.

All Verbena line products from L`Occitane

Toilet water L`Occitane Citrus Verbena Eau de Toilette

All Verbena line products from L`Occitane

Who does not like frank aromas that exist on their own, this copy will be the best for you.

It merges with the scent of the skin, becoming a single whole and you will not feel it simply because it is the smell of summer freshness. This applies to the entire line of L`Occitane Verveine Agrumes products.

L`Occitane Citrus Verbena hand cream gel

All Verbena line products from L`Occitane

Loksitan’s characteristic summer lightweight texture that is instantly absorbed, leaving behind soft and delicate hand skin. And you don’t need more.

Shampoo L`Occitane Citrus Verbena shampoo


Enriched with cleansing lemon essential oil and softening linden flower water, the shampoo restores tone, shine and silkiness to hair.

Sparkling citrus notes give hair a fresh and pleasant scent. Recommended for all hair types.

L`Occitane Citrus Verbena body milk


Absorbs very quickly leaving nothing behind but moisturizing.

Contains lemon verbena flower extract, widely known in cosmetology as “essence of beauty”.

It has a lifting effect, and also stimulates the release of melanin, which helps the skin to acquire an even color.

Refreshing tonic L`Occitane Citrus Verbena mist

All Verbena line products from L`Occitane

Perhaps this is the only Loxitan product that is no different from previous face tonics.

Unless it is enriched with verbena and citrus fruit extracts. Gives a feeling of freshness, leaving a bright invigorating scent on the skin.

Output: a very light and independent scent makes this collection fresh and predictable. If you are as partial to citrus as I am, then you will appreciate it!)