Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum

Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum

Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum has become an essential part of my facial.

Not everyone understands how important it is to moisturize the skin before applying cosmetics. Hence the complaints: the foundation emphasizes the flaking, although it is intended for dry skin.

But this is not enough – to choose a foundation according to your skin type. Especially, this problem is relevant for local areas of the face – forehead, cheeks, nose. Therefore, I advise you to solve this problem locally as well.


After cleansing your face, apply the serum (a couple of drops) to those areas that require additional hydration. Then the problem of peeling will go away, and the foundation that you were already ready to throw away will become your favorite.

This is exactly the problem that Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum solves.

Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum

As for the properties, the serum:

  • has a light texture
  • absorbs quickly
  • eliminates dry skin
  • smells good

To summarize, what are the benefits of Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum?

Face serum

  • The serum works several times faster than the cream, which is why the result will not be long in coming
  • Essential for those who spend 10-15 minutes on makeup, no more
  • Choose serums for specific problems (moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, etc.)
  • Apply the serum topically if your skin type requires it
  • Do not apply more, just a couple of drops all over the face

Do you use face serum and what brands?