Bourjois Healthy Balance compact powder – review

Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder

Powder compact Bourjois Healthy Balance is one of the most relevant for the summer and here’s why …

The packaging is very simple, made of ordinary plastic. You probably won’t enjoy getting it out of your purse if you are used to more expensive powder designs.

Description of Bourjois Healthy Balance compact powder


The absence of pearlescent particles makes the powder completely matte without a hint of shine.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder

Description of the shade

I chose the shade 53 Beige Clair, as 52 Vanilla seemed too light for me. True, 53 Beige Clair is slightly yellow and definitely will not suit snow white, so 52 Vanilla will be closer to you.

For me, 53 Beige Clair suits me when it’s summer outside and my skin becomes slightly tanned.


I will say one thing about persistence – the powder has to be corrected during the day and this is a minus.

The hiding power is rumored to replace any foundation, but it is not. It only evens out the skin tone, like any other powder, but does not hide, and even more so does not mask skin imperfections.

By the way, I am against when they try to mask everything that needs to be hidden with a concealer or corrector with a face powder.

To compensate for the density of these products, you need a thick layer of powder that not only reads from afar, but also feels on the skin. The feeling of dryness and tightness will haunt you until you wash off your makeup.

Now about compatibility with skin type.

Powder compact Bourjois Healthy Balance perfectly emphasizes flaking and dry skin. Therefore, oily skin will be much more pleased with it than dry. That’s just the question of durability will have to be solved with improvised means: matting napkins. Do you need it? I doubt.

Conclusion: I don’t know what type of skin this powder can be recommended, except for the normal one. But we know that absolutely any powder is suitable for this type of skin, don’t you agree?