Clarins cosmetics: makeup base, powder, lipstick-balm

Clarins cosmetics

As soon as I got Clarins cosmetics, I wanted to tell you about it, or rather, about the three basic brand products that bloggers love to praise so much.

Clarins Eclat Minute Base Illuminatrice de Teint # 01 rose

Clarins cosmetics

I have always been indifferent to radiant bases, since their main purpose is the basis for the next stage in makeup – applying a foundation that covers the base’s radiance. Therefore, I never see them solo and hence my indifference to shine.

Clarins Eclat Minute Base Illuminatrice de Teint is one of those who promise not only moisturizing and skin care, but also creating an even complexion.

Clarins cosmetics

And this is their mistake, since I have not yet met a single base that would tint, hiding skin imperfections. Because the base that tints is already a tonal base, not a make-up base. I hope you understand what I mean?

So Clarins Eclat Minute Base Illuminatrice de Teint is a makeup base with a subtle shine that can be preserved when mixed with foundation.

Otherwise, you can use it solo, if you have naturally not problem skin with an already even complexion.

Clarins Multi-Eclat Mineral # 01 Light


I always use Multi-Eclat Loose Powder to set makeup, creating a subtle, weightless finish as the finishing touch to my face.

If we consider it as an independent product, then here you will be: peeling, and dry skin, and uneven tone … in general, some problems!

So try to avoid direct contact of the powder with the face and then no troubles will arise either at the stage of application or in the “sock”.

As for the features of Clarins Multi-Eclat Minera, it contains small particles of mother-of-pearl, which are practically invisible in daylight, but make themselves felt in the sun.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector # 01 rose

Clarins cosmetics

The more Clarins cosmetics undertakes, the higher the buyer’s requirements. So it happened with the lipstick-balm Clarence.

What does the buyer expect? Colors like lipstick and care like balm. When one thing is missing, we remain unhappy, because we were promised!

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector lipstick balm is nevertheless closer to a balm with a melting texture with a subtle shade and persistence, like a balm, and not lipstick.

Perhaps other shades give a stronger feeling of the presence of lipstick-balm on the lips, but not # 01 rose.

However, I can’t say anything bad about Instant Light Lip Balm, except that it is a luxury lip balm, nothing more.

Lipstick balm

Clarins cosmetics, like any other brand, have their good and bad products. Specifically, these I can not attribute to either one or the other. These are average quality items, whose absence in your cosmetic bag no one will notice.