Erborian Lip Bome – reviews and photos

Erborian Lip Bome

I just have to have time to tell you before the new year about such a tool as the Erborian Lip Bome lip balm. And that’s why…

Lip balm

At first, this is an incredible “sliding” texture.

Secondly, I don’t know how, but Erborian Lip Bome fills in all micro-cracks and evens out the skin of the lips.

Thirdly, no stickiness, heaviness, discomfort, but only pleasant to the touch lips.

Fourth, it is an excellent base for matte lipstick, which has a drying effect.

Fifthit instantly moisturizes and softens lips

At sixth, lack of perfume

The only negative is the packaging.

With cans, there are always some difficulties in applying and removing the product, when this does not happen with tubes.

Erborian Lip Bome Lip Balm

Output: I think I managed to tell you everything you need to know about Erborian lip balm! After all, after the new year, they promise terrible cold weather, and if they are not, then it’s time to use your favorite bright lipstick, which mercilessly dries your lips.