Make Up Store Lipstick

Make Up Store Lipstick

The Make Up Store Lipstick from the limited edition Champagne Collection should interest you for several reasons.

The packaging of the Make Up Store Lipstick is made in the same style as the eyeshadow palette from the same collection – a gilded case.


According to its characteristics, lipstick: perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and does not dry the lips at all. I was surprised by these qualities, since the lipstick was not declared as a caring one.

Make Up Store Lipstick

The stick itself is made in a crocodile print, which is proprietary for the Make Up Store. Looks really cool for a brand that doesn’t consider itself a luxury.

Make Up Store Lipstick

The only thing that didn’t agree was the color! In the package it is a coral shade, but on the lips see for yourself …


In reality, it is a pale pink shade. It is worth considering this when buying lipstick. I sometimes make mistakes with the choice of color, when I have no idea about the coating. And it can be so different that it would be high time to divide them into categories, clearly letting us understand “who” we are dealing with. Do you agree?

Pros of Make Up Store Lipstick:

  • does not have a dense texture
  • translucent coating, like lipstick-balm
  • evens out and smoothes skin irregularities
  • does not emphasize peeling
  • does not dry


  • not persistent
  • rolls into a white strip at the junction of the lips
  • there is no saturated color, completely covering the lip’s own pigment

Output: don’t expect much from a lipstick with a light texture. Yes, it perfectly moisturizes and gives tenderness to the lips due to the color. But it is always worth remembering that the more pigment in the lipstick, the less care it has and vice versa.