NailLOOK Croco nail polish

NailLOOK Croco nail polish from the “craquelure” category sounds mysterious and mysterious, but not for gourmands. They know perfectly well what it is and what craquelure looks like. But if you are not in the know, then this article is for you.

Cracking / cracking / cracking effect lacquer has been trending for several years now, call it what you want. In the language of lacomaniacs, it is “craquelure” varnish.

Interest in them is only growing, and with it the number of brands that produce them. And NailLook has released the Croco Summer collection of 4 shades. I will show only two of them, but which ones …

NailLOOK Croco # 30607 “Summer Pool”

NailLOOK Croco nail polish

It looks like an ordinary varnish with a regular brush …


And this is how the craquelure looks on the nails.

NailLOOK Croco nail polish

NailLOOK Croco # 30609 “Sunflower Bouquet”


With this color, I decided to complicate the task,

NailLOOK Croco nail polish

choosing as a base not a light shade, but a dark one.

NailLOOK Croco nail polish

As you already understood, this is purple, on top of which is yellow craquelure.

And now about the features of NailLOOK Croco nail polish:

  • A manicure will take 2-3 times longer than a classic manicure with a regular varnish
  • The first two layers are the base color of the varnish (it can be any color, another brand)
  • The main thing is the compatibility of the base varnish with the color of the craquelure. I opted for contrasting shades
  • The next two layers are craquelure varnish. The thicker the layer, the stronger the effect of cracked varnish, the thinner the layer, the less noticeable the craquelure.
  • The varnish dries for a long time and requires careful drying, because it is not easy 2 layers, but as many as 4.

Perhaps this is all you need to know about varnish, which creates cracks in your nails and makes it very beautiful)!