Sephora vs Maybelline nail polish remover

Sephora nail polish remover

Let’s discuss Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover and Maybelline Express Remover Pot Clear and decide which one is better!

If you paint your nails, you are probably wondering about the best nail polish remover. Here I am – yes! As soon as one liquid runs out, I switch to another to understand how good or bad the previous one was.

So I got Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover and then Maybelline Express Remover Pot Clear. And to make the review as fair as possible, I chose both liquids in the same format with a built-in pad inside.


The whole feature is in foam rubber, which is impregnated with nail polish remover. It allows you to remove the varnish right inside the jar. It is enough to twist your finger back and forth and the varnish is gone.

Sephora nail polish remover

Here are just persistent varnishes, both liquids are equally poorly washed off. For example, dark colors cannot be removed 100%. A cotton pad is required, which will remove the remaining polish from the cuticle and around the nail. I generally keep quiet about varnishes with glitter.

Well, the last point, decisive: which nail polish remover is better – Sephora or Maybelline? Both liquids:

  • convenient to use (inserted a finger and scrolled several times and the nail is clean!)
  • uncomfortable when it comes to glitter polish, they will be all over the surface of the sponge
  • are capable of perfect nail polish removal without streaks
  • unable to wipe off the polish under the nails if it accidentally got there during staining

Output: the answer to the question “which liquid is better?” I can’t give it, because for me both liquids do their job equally well and work equally badly with some types of varnish coatings. If you notice other differences, then please let me know about them in the comments!)