Bronzer Kevyn Aucoin – reviews, photos, swatch


The Kevyn Aucoin bronzer is unique for one simple reason. Have you heard about the existence of a bronzer without redhead? If not, then urgently postpone everything and read the article about Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Bronzing Veil!

Description of Kevyn Aucoin bronzer

Not everyone knows, in addition to sculpting blush, the Kevyn Aucoin brand also has bronzers for the face in 2 shades: Tropical Days and Tropical Nights.


I could not decide to buy in any way, because all bronzers have, with their characteristic reddishness.


I chose the Kevyn Aucoin bronzer in the shade “Tropical Nights”, as it seemed to me the most suitable by the swatches on the Internet.

Bronzing powder

Indeed, the color turned out to be divine …

Bronzer Kevyn Aucoin

With smooth transitions from light to dark.

Bronzer Kevyn Aucoin

Description of the shade and swatch bronzer

Despite the fact that in the photo, the shade may appear with redhead, it is not so, it is not warm, but not red.

Bronzer Kevyn Aucoin

A surprisingly noble brownish color with a light nacre.

Bronzer Kevyn Aucoin

Do you agree with me?

Bronzer Kevyn Aucoin

An imperceptible splash of golden particles makes the bronzer not only a powder, but also a highlighter.

I have not come across analogues that could remotely resemble the color that the Kevyn Aucoin bronzer possesses. Therefore, I consider it unique!

General impressions

Now about the main thing, who needs it:

  • if you are fair-skinned and the tan does not fit well, then the bronzer will be your salvation, as it will create the illusion of a slightly tanned face
  • if you prefer satin textures to matte

Who doesn’t need it:

  • if you are the owner of dark skin, then the bronzer will simply not be visible on it

As far as texture, grind and pigmentation are concerned, this is no problem! A silky finish with impeccable color recoil and guaranteed durability are the hallmarks of Kevyn Aucoin.

The quality that is inherent in many products of this brand has become familiar to me. And bronzer Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Bronzing Veil Tropical Nights once again confirmed it!