Compact powder Caron Poudre Compacte Powder: reviews

Compact powder Caron Poudre Compacte Powder - reviews and photos

Compact powder Caron Poudre Compacte Powder is an unusual phenomenon. They talk about her as the most magical face powder. Let’s figure out what is so special about it.

As you know, I spent my vacation in Paris and accidentally stumbled upon the Parfums Caron boutique.


I had no plans to specifically find this store and buy Caron powder. But as soon as I entered there, I was stunned …

At that very second, a blogger woke up in me, before whose eyes she appeared … in a gilded case, sparkling and alluring compact powder Caron Poudre Compacte Powder. Without hesitation, I made a purchase and for a long time recalled this chance meeting with the brand boutique.

Compact powder Caron Poudre Compacte Powder

* by the way, this is almost the only cosmetic store in Paris where photography is allowed.

I will not sing an ode in honor of Caron, as there are quite a few of them on the Internet, but I will simply list the following facts:

  • The technology for creating the powder is kept in the strictest confidence.
  • Its quality has remained unchanged since 1939.
  • It is considered the best powder suitable for all skin types.
  • An incredible scent of rose, as a reminder of its origins and appearance in the Caron perfume house.

Compact powder Caron Poudre Compacte Powder

There are several series of Caron powder

Caron La Poudre Les classiques – one of the densest in texture series, which claims to be the tonal basis. Suitable for normal to combination skin.

On close inspection and with a swatch, it seemed to me weightless, without signs of good overlapping ability. I can hardly believe that it can replace the base.

Caron Les Transparentes – one of the easiest to set makeup. Suitable for both normal and dry skin.

The powder feels like it has the same properties as any transparent powder that can be found in other brands.

Caron Poudre Compacte Powder – compact powder of medium density for all skin types.

It was her that I bought

Compact powder

Quickly enough and by eye, I decided on the color, choosing shade No. 05.

Compact powder Caron Poudre Compacte Powder - reviews and photos

It matched my skin tone perfectly.

Compact powder

* the photo shows that the surface of the powder has worn off, since I used it back in Paris.

Why I chose Caron Poudre Compacte Powder

Firstly, it is more practical, and secondly, the consultant said that it is denser in texture and will hide minor flaws than other Caron series.

Therefore, after the purchase, I decided to apply it all over my face and was unhappy with the fact that it significantly emphasized dry skin and flaking. Therefore, forget the point “for all skin types”! This powder is more for oily, but not for dry skin.

Upon arriving home, after waiting for the +20 mark on the thermometer, my skin gradually passed into the stage of normal skin type. This allowed me to appreciate the powder from the other side.

  • She lay down in a thin, translucent layer, but did not hide even minor redness. This made me indignant, since in the summer I only use powder, but with good overlapping ability. Caron Poudre Compacte Powder didn’t have one.

But if we abstract, then from the outside it looks great, as if it is not there, but the face looks well-groomed, and the complexion is healthy. And regardless of the number of layers applied, it will be as invisible as with the first layer applied.

In this regard, the conclusion is …

  • Powder suitable for normal to oily skin types
  • For setting makeup over base

How do you like Caron Poudre Compacte Powder?