Hairbrush The Wet Brush – reviews

Hairbrush The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush is a less popular brand than combs Tangle Teezer. But does this mean that she is worse than her?

The Wet Brush brand is popular outside Russia. In our country, few people know about it. I want to fix this, if only because it has its own characteristics that distinguish it from everyone’s favorite Tangle Teezer.

Hair comb

Outwardly, this is the simplest comb, which we usually call a massage.

Hairbrush The Wet Brush

If I saw these photos on the Internet of a foreign blogger with a positive review, I would think that a person simply never used a massage in childhood, which is why he is happy about its appearance.

Hair comb

Because in our childhood, mothers combed their wet hair with a massage with iron teeth. Sometimes it was painful and unpleasant, but there was nowhere to go.

Much has changed since then, but the shape of the massage has remained unchanged.

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But the most important component is the teeth. They have become different.

The Wet Brush has bendable teeth, which, when combing the hair, bend under the pressure of the hand, which makes you feel no discomfort. After that, the teeth return to their original shape as if nothing had happened.

Hairbrush The Wet Brush

And the Tangle Teezer has the opposite – hard plastic teeth. But with two rows (long and short), she brushes her hair just as quickly and easily.

If we talk about a choice between them, then I cannot make it. They are too different. But if you love head massage, then The Wet Brush is for you, if not, then you can get by with Tangle Teezer.


Despite the differences between both combs, I am still amazed at how you can come up with something new for such a primitive, but important for each of us device – hair combs.

What kind of hairbrushes do you use?