LOccitane Exciting Verbena and everything you need to know about it!

LOccitane Exciting Verbena

Perhaps the name of the new LOccitane collection “Exciting Verbena” will seem frivolous and funny to you, but do not rush to draw conclusions. After all, there is more to it than just a name.

Few people know that Verbena has amazing properties: as a smell – it relieves fatigue; as a plant – used for medicinal purposes; like grass – repels negativity and negative emotions are replaced by positive ones.

All this is in the past, few people believe in the properties of those plants that our grandmothers believed in. But we will never stop believing in the care qualities of products, which are based on Verbena itself.

Loxitan the Exciting Verbena

It is she who is filled with the entire collection of L’Occitane Exciting Verbena.

Shower gel

LOccitane Exciting Verbena

After the first purchase of the Almond shower gel, I realized that other gels will not leave me indifferent. Their amazingly subtle scent and pleasant texture make them the best.

Milk – body care gel

Body milk

What I like about this line is the cooling effect and the fast absorbing texture that all Loxitan creams have.

Exciting Verbena Refreshing Foot Gel

LOccitane Exciting Verbena

Finally, Loksitan pleased me with the packaging! A spinning ball that allows you to evenly distribute the gel over the heels is indispensable and very convenient to use.

Refreshing tonic – spray

Refreshing tonic spray

Spray with the same Verbena scent and a slight cooling effect. It only remains to return the summer!)

Hand cream

LOccitane Exciting Verbena

The cream has a very light and airy texture. At the same time, it really moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands. And the fact that it is absorbed very quickly without leaving a sticky feeling makes it one of the favorites.

Output: after getting acquainted with the L’Occitane collection Exciting Verbena, I once again wanted to leave the country for distant Provence and feel the aroma of Verbena live …