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MAC Powder Blush

The MAC Powder Blush is my love. My passion for make-up began with them, which grew into the work of a make-up artist.

Since then, I have not parted with both the basic shades of MAC Powder Blush and the limited ones. The latter I follow very closely, as among them you can find incredible blush in shades. And MAC Powder Blush – Next to Skin is one of those.

I noticed it a long time ago, when the first promo photos of the MAC Artificially Wild Collection for Fall 2014 appeared. I roughly calculated the date of their appearance in Russia and was already mentally with this unique shade of blush for sculpting the face.

The entire MAC Artificially Wild collection was centered around muted beige and brown shades. So it comes as no surprise that MAC Next to Skin Powder Blush has become part of this collection.

Description of MAC Powder Blush


The packaging has not changed at all, despite the fact that this is a limited edition.


But the point is not in it, but in the color, which I consider unique.

MAC Powder Blush

Description of the shade and swatch

They have created an incredible shade on the verge of gray and brown, which has no analogues!

MAC Powder Blush

Surprisingly, even in the store, having made a swatch, he did not appear the way he looked on his face.

MAC Powder Blush

Therefore, doubts crept in for a minute, what if this is not what I think? But the word “limitka” haunted me. I knew for sure that later it would be too late.

General impression

You can’t see him! – you say. Right. Can not see. Because the blush for sculpting the face, in principle, should not be visible. It is wrong when they are readable to others and everyone understands that your cheekbones are drawn.

MAC Powder Blush

Here is the result with a seemingly nondescript, but “right” shade for sculpting the face MAC Next to Skin Powder Blush.

As for the quality, they managed to keep the trademark MAC pluses for the blush: they are not dusty, silky texture, persistent, excellent color recoil, easy to use.


This is the second limit after the Chanel Ombre Contraste Notorious Sculpting Veil gray blush, which exceeded my expectations and became a truly unique shade that limited collections should have. After all, their meaning is to demonstrate to us something new, and not to repeat what has already happened.