Makeup with blue glitter eyes

makeup with blue glitter on the eyes

To repeat makeup with blue glitter on your eyes, you will need not only glitter, but also blue eyeshadow. Let me explain why.

Makeup with blue glitter on the eyes looks great when combined with eye shadow. Sequins applied to the naked eyelid from afar will not be read. Our task is to draw maximum attention to their overflows.

Therefore, if you want the blue glitter to look even bluer, then use the blue matte eye shadow as a base. A very cool and simple life hack to change the life of your sparkles for the better.

If you are not a fan of blue eyeshadows, then glitters applied over black or purple eyeshadows will not lose their charm.

Today I will show you a make-up option with Lit Cosmetics Glitter Pigment. It is so simple to execute that I think each of you will be able to repeat it.

The main thing, as I wrote above, is to determine in advance the main color against which the blue sparkles will “play”. I opted for a Matte Blue from Illamasqua Makeup Powder Eye Shadow in Never.

How to do blue glitter makeup on your eyes

  • Apply eyeshadow all over the movable eyelid and blend carefully along the crease of the eyelid to avoid crisp lines.
  • Use a flat brush to paint over the lower eyelid with the same color.
  • With a pencil, go along the mucous membrane of the eye.
  • Using the glitter liquid I mentioned here, apply blue glitter to your eyes.

makeup with blue glitter on the eyes


As I said, glitter shimmers with all colors when the photo is out of focus.


Now imagine how these same sparkles “lie” on the naked eyelid. Personally, I can’t imagine. The effect will be completely different, not so bright and contrasting.

makeup with blue glitter on the eyes


With such a slight movement of the hand, you can achieve such a result!)