Toni & Guy caring cosmetics

Toni & Guy caring cosmetics

If I had signs of star fever, the review of the Toni & Guy Box began with the words: “Just found out what I did to myself haircut, as a limited edition of hair care was immediately released! ”.

But since I don’t even have the first signs of this disease, and the box was released anyway, I was incredibly happy with her. This is what I need now!

Imagine the following picture … London. 1963 year. Toni & Guy is born.

Difficult, huh? Imagine a year in which you have not yet been. Therefore, it is simply impossible not to respect this brand!

Toni & Guy is a huge line of products for home and professional use. It contains everything from hairspray to liquid wax.

Toni & Guy caring cosmetics

I had 4 hair products at once.

Toni & Guy caring cosmetics

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray – Sea Salt

What is he doing? Forms the structure of the hair, providing a natural hold. The effect of “beachy”, slightly curly hair.

The fragrance deserves a separate offer. It combines hints of ginger, British Earl Gray tea and invigorating pink pepper.

Hairspray Toni & Guy Glamor Firm Hold Hairspray – Strong hold for the whole day

What can hairspray do? Yes, everything is as usual: fixes the hairstyle without gluing or weighing down the strands. In the composition, you can find caring components that provide protection against dehydration.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair – Instant freshness for hair

Who is for the feeling of fresh and clean hair? As a bonus, extra volume for the hairstyle. It is enough to spray on dry hair from roots to ends and distribute evenly with your hands.

Hair mousse Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist – Spectacular volume from the roots

The mousse works like any other mousse – it adds volume, firmness and a feeling of lightness without sticking together.

Hair mousse

Most of all, I pin my hopes on varnish and mousse. These are two tools that I use regularly. But the texturing spray did not suit me yet from the last issue of GlamBox, although the smell is so light and pleasant that I want to use it just like that.

The fact that the entire box consists of full-size versions leaves a good impression.

How do you like the limited edition GlamBox Toni & Guy Box?