Uslu Airlines Nail Polish – reviews

Uslu Airlines Nail Polish

If about lipstick Few people have heard of Uslu Airlines, then everyone knows about Uslu Airlines Nail Polish, and for good reason!

The Uslu Airlines brand belongs to the luxury class, which has existed since 2003. It was founded by make-up artist Feride Uslu in New York.

Working with the best makeup artists and publications such as Vogue, ID-magazine, Glamor, she nurtured a sophisticated taste that became an integral part of her vision for the Uslu Airlines cosmetics brand.

I chose a subtle blue shade of varnish called UKA.

Nail polish

The tassel turned out to be wide, as I like.

Nail polish

The texture of Uslu Airlines Nail Polish is not thick, and not liquid, something in between.

True, with the first layer, the varnish strips, which is why a second layer is required, which corrects all the mistakes of the first.

Uslu Airlines Nail Polish

Persistence 3-4 days depending on drying. But it dries much faster than conventional varnishes, regardless of the thickness of the layer. This information is for those who do not accept any form of drying.

Uslu Airlines Nail Polish


I cannot say about the exceptional properties of this varnish, since now there is an incredibly huge selection of shades from other brands. But the fact that it is not capricious in application and in “wearing” makes it pleasant to use.

How do you like Uslu Airlines varnishes?