Blue eye shadows – step by step tutorial

Blue eye shadow

Blue eye shadows raise questions for many. How to apply blue eyeshadow without looking heavy eye makeup? How to preserve the airiness of the image when not only blue, but also black shadows are used? I will answer these and other questions right now!

My task is to show you how to use blue eye shadow.

This version of the step-by-step makeup I have done with an eyeshadow palette “The Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Paris Makeup Palette“. According to the blog tradition, I first “tease” you with such makeup lessons, and then I pass judgment on the palette, revealing all the cards.

Rules for using blue eyeshadow in makeup

  • To make blue eye shadows look bright and saturated, use base under the shade enhancing color. It so happens that the shadows give off color poorly and even such a base does not help them open up. What to do? Use the shadow matte I described in detail here
  • Apply blue eyeshadow to the moving lid with a flat brush, not a fluffy one. The layer will turn out to be saturated without gaps.
  • Blend the blue shadows so that they do not go beyond the entire crease of the eyelid. We are only interested in the outer corner.
  • Use black shadows over blue ones so that they gently blend into each other without sharp and clear boundaries!

Blue eye shadow

List of used products with links to cosmetics reviews:

Salon Perfect Brow Defining Kit

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Eden

Sigma Limited Edition Paris Palette

Mac Eye Kohl Smolder Pencil

Clarins Be Long Mascara

Makeup brushes:

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

Hakuhodo G5523BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round flat

Hakuhodo G5529BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round