Brushes for nail design

To complete a more or less complex drawing, an experienced craftsman, as a rule, needs at least 3 types of brushes. Nail art brushes vary in thickness and shape. By combining their different types in your work, you can create almost any drawings, fancy and fantasy patterns.

What brushes for nail design and for creating what patterns to use, you will learn in this article.

Fan brush… Ideal for feathering, creating transitions, applying sparkles, as well as creating abstract designs.

Straight wide brush… It is often used for applying dry glitter as well as suede powder.

Thin, long-bristled brushes… Indispensable for drawing small details, as well as creating thin lines.

Short bristle brushes… Among the universal types of brushes and must have in the arsenal of the master. With it, you can create almost any type of drawings.

Round brushes… They are used to draw points, paint over individual elements of the picture.

Beveled brushes. Convenient for painting nails, creating floral ornaments. They are often used in the Chinese painting technique. With the help of such a brush, it is convenient to create various patterns – waves, openwork, smooth surface, to draw plant elements.

For beginners in the field of nail design, experienced experts recommend starting work with flat brushes. With this shape, it is easier to work and apply a drawing. With their help, it is easy to evenly distribute the paint on the nails, draw large elements, and also create gradient transitions. For artistic painting on nails, where drawing of small elements is required, thin brushes from 0 to 2 are used.

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