Fashionable cat eye manicure

The real hit of the 2021-2022 season is the cat’s eye manicure. Original and mysterious cat eye has already won the hearts of many women of fashion. If you are still not familiar with this design, we suggest that you do so. And you will fall in love with it – we guarantee it.

Cat’s eye manicure has become popular relatively recently, and is considered a new nail technique. It is carried out with the help of a manicure magnet on special gel varnishes. The technique is quite simple, but the result is amazing. It is enough to understand the simple principle of working with a magnet, and you can create various effects – intricate patterns, flickering highlights and truly magical pictures on the surface of the nail plates.

Nails painted in the cat eye style look original by themselves. And if you play with highlights, colors, a manicure can become simply amazing.

As far as additional decors are concerned, there are no restrictions. Rhinestones, foil, sparkles and other decorations will be an effective addition to such nails. However, it is important to feel the measure and not overdo it with the decor, adhering to the rule of the golden mean.

In the online store you can buy everything you need for a cat’s eye manicure – gel varnishes, magnets and other materials for nail art.