Stained glass manicure

Tired of a regular manicure and want to try something original? Then pay attention to the stained glass gel polish. We guarantee you will fall in love with it at first sight!

What is this coating? Outwardly, such a manicure resembles a stained-glass window – a transparent base with colored splashes of “glass”. You have probably admired the exquisite beauty of stained-glass windows sometime. Try this gel polish and now everyone will admire your elegant and original manicure.

It is a pigmented gel polish with a translucent texture. It is this texture that makes the coating look like stained glass. Under such a composition, the nails look like crystal, which is very sophisticated and graceful.

The application technique is the same as for conventional color gel polishes. However, a feature of stained glass compositions is self-leveling – it lays down evenly and does not need additional grinding and leveling.

Stained glass gel varnishes can be used in different manicure techniques. It looks great both in the classic version and in the combined one. For example, they are used in French manicure, gradient and other nail designs.

A large selection of stained glass gel varnishes is presented in our online store.

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