What is gel polish: the main differences, features of gel polishes

The era of conventional nail polish is over. It was replaced by gel polish. What it is? How is it different from regular varnish? How to use it? We invite you to learn more about the product in our article.

  1. What is gel polish?

A colored gel-based material that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Types of gel varnishes are divided into classic colored ones and with the addition of various decorative elements: glitter, shimmer, magnetic particles, etc.

Gel polish is often called “shellac”, but this is a mistake. The story stretches from the beginning of the appearance of the material. The first company to start selling gel polish is called Shellac. But this is just the name of the brand, not the type of product itself.

What are the advantages of using gel polish?

  1. Coating with gel polish lasts up to 4 weeks. For a whole month, you can forget about updating your manicure;
  2. the material creates an additional dense layer that protects the nail plate from damage;
  3. nails become thicker, which means stronger. Thanks to the gel polish, you can grow a long nail plate, because it is less susceptible to injury;
  4. gel polish manicure dries in a lamp in 120-30 seconds (the polymerization time depends on the type and power of the device), which significantly saves time;
  5. gel polish can be chosen for home use and professional in a salon.

Gel polish versus regular polish: what’s the difference?

The new type of product has not just displaced conventional varnishes from the market. There is a colossal difference between them and everything is in favor of gel materials.

  1. Persistence.
  2. When making a manicure with ordinary varnishes, it is necessary to renew the coating every week. While with gel polish, you can forget about updating for a month;

  3. Drying time.
  4. The nail polish dries in about an hour. At this time, nothing can be done with your hands, otherwise you risk ruining the fresh coating and at the same time staining the items at hand.

    The gel polish must be dried in a manicure lamp. In an ultraviolet lamp, the material dries for 120 seconds, in an LED + CCFL lamp in 60 seconds, and in a UV / LED lamp in 30 seconds.

  5. Polymerization method.
  6. While a standard varnish dries on its own, a prerequisite for gel varnish is the presence of ultraviolet radiation.

  7. Compound.
  8. Of course, the products have different compositions. Many people mistakenly believe that gel polish is very harmful to the nail plate. But applying the usual varnish and the constant use of acetone to remove it, causes much more damage to the nails. In addition, modern gel varnishes are made on the basis of natural raw materials with the addition of calcium (Ca) and vitamin E. Moreover, now there are even strengthening gel varnishes that help restore and strengthen nails.

  9. Application method.
  10. With varnish, everything is simple, it is applied to the nails, and then they wait until it dries.

    The procedure for applying and drying gel polish is not so simple. More materials are needed to create a gel polish finish.

Instructions for the use of gel polish

The process consists of preparation, application and curing. To achieve a high-quality and lasting result, it is important to adhere to all points.

What do you need for a gel polish manicure?

  1. Prepare the nail plate.
  2. This includes correcting the shape of the nails and polishing it, trimming the cuticle, removing the pterygium and cleansing the lateral ridges along with the subungual space. For this procedure, you can use manicure tools, nail files, buffs, or use the technician’s hardware thanks to the manicure milling cutter.

  3. Dust removal and degreasing.
  4. Use a soft brush to remove residue and dust. Next, you need to remove fine dust from the plate, which the brush cannot remove. To do this, take a lint-free wipe. It is important to use this type of napkin, because others leave behind particles of lint. This can negatively affect the quality of the coating. Dampen the patch with Nail Prep, and wipe down the nails. It is also appropriate to use a dehydrator, it additionally dries the plate.

  5. Preparation for applying the base.
  6. A primer is used. It can be acidic (more potent) and acid-free (more gentle on the nails). The tool lifts the scales of the nail plate for better adhesion to the artificial material.

  7. Base coat application.
  8. To use gel polish, you must first apply a base. It acts as an intermediary between the natural plate and the colored material and creates an additional protective layer. The product must be dried in a manicure lamp.

  9. Application of gel polish.
  10. Finally, the colored finish can be applied. It also requires polymerization in a lamp.

  11. Consolidation of the result.
  12. To protect our color and make the coating more durable, it needs to be fixed with a manicure top. This material also needs to be dried in a lamp. The top finish can be glossy or matte. Plain or with the addition of glitter or other decor.

  13. Removing the sticky layer.
  14. Some components in products cannot harden under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and remain on the fingers in the form of a sticky layer. “Cleanser” will help to get rid of it.

    After the coating has fulfilled its mission and it is time to update the manicure, it is time to remove the gel polish.

    There are two methods for removing the gel coat.

    1. Using the “Remover” tool.

      Note that regular nail polish remover acetone will not cope with gel coatings.

      Before using the product, cut off the top layer of the coating so that the liquid better penetrates into the structure of the gel. Apply the solvent to a cotton sponge, apply to the coating and use foil to create thermal insulation. Also, clips for removing gel polish will work. After 15-20 minutes, remove the contents from your fingers. To safely remove the gel polish, take a pusher or orange stick and peel off the material in one direction.

      This method is old and not entirely practical, because gel polish remover can harm the nail.

    2. Using a router that cuts off the old layer of gel polish. A newer and safer method. If you use a router correctly, the structure of the nail is not damaged. Gel polish is removed quickly and without the use of additional materials.

How to choose a gel polish?

There are a huge number of manufacturers of gel polish: PNB, Komilfo, OXXI, Kodi, Molecula, Go, Canni, etc. The choice depends on the purpose of use.

  1. When it comes to commercial activities, you should give preference to professional materials: PNB, FOX, Komilfo, NUB, Couture Color, etc. We would like to draw your attention to Oxy gel polish (OXXI) they have a very large palette.
  2. If we are talking about home use, then budget and resistant materials from CANNI, My Nail, Moon Full are suitable. In this case, Go gel polish wins in terms of the range of shades.